Pressure Washing Mildew

You’ve all seen it, that green tinge on the side of your house that discolors your paint and makes your siding look old and worn. It’s mildew. While it may be ugly to look at, what is happening underneath all … Continue reading

Why to hire a professional

The internet is filled with DIY projects, tips, tricks, and… fails. Pressure washing is one of the projects where DIY should be set aside. Unless you are a highly experienced pressure washer, it is best to leave it to the … Continue reading

Summer in Chicago

It is the sunniest season, and somehow, in Chicago,  it is also the rainiest season in this great city. This makes for quite an interesting combination, especially when it comes to the look, as well as the maintenance of your … Continue reading

Festival Season

It is finally Summer, which means festival season is now in full swing! Whatever you enjoy most in life whether it is food, art, music, or drinks, there is a festival for everybody! Although Summer festivals can bring a ton … Continue reading