Hiring a certified contractor to pressure wash a building exterior, driveway, parking lot, or other external surface, comes with many benefits. The first and most obvious is that one is not stuck with performing the work oneself, nor should anyone even consider trying. Cleaning stone, stucco, brick, limestone, and other hard surfaces by hand is time consuming and fruitless. For such cleaning projects, no human hand or amount of sheer human-muscle will ever get the surface in question as gleaming as it can be. In order to fully appreciate the end results of pressure washing, and to understand the importance of hiring a certified contractor with appropriate, related credentials, the benefits of pressure washing should first be mentioned in brief.

On top of ease and convenience, pressure washing saves an enormous amount of time. The process itself strips away years of dirt and caked on debris within seconds. In order for this process to be executed correctly, a professional should be called. A trained pro can ensure the process from start to finish unfolds smoothly. They will often have a better sense of how to mount and execute complicated cleaning projects in comprehensive, definable steps. And they will have more evolved techniques for getting at hard to reach spots.

Another wonderful benefit of pressure washing is entirely environmental. Because of the inherent power that pressure washing entails, cleaning solutions are seldom required. The only exceptions are particularly disagreeable jobs where stains are deeply set and have had years to manifest. Generally, the pressure of the water itself is what blasts the debris away and usually without fail. This means less chemicals potentially coming into contact with sewers and ground waters, and less exposure by humans to vaporized industrial chemicals. A positive for everyone!

The added benefits of hiring a certified  power washing Chicago contractor are too numerous to list. But following are a few.

Certified contractors for pressure washing typically must adhere to a standardized Code of Ethics bound up in the certification process. This means the client is guaranteed a certain amount of transparency, and the contractor is also not allowed to make misleading or false claims about products and services. The consumer therefore gets exactly what they see.

Certification is nationwide, and often preceded by classes and education that are structured and equal in terms of quality. Thus certification implies a level of achievement on the part of the contractor, meaning they’ve demonstrated proficiency in every aspect of their vocation on/above industry wide expectations. This ensures consistency and a degree of excellence in terms of services provided and level of quality.

A certified contractor in pressure washing is also well versed in best practices for disposal and recovery of wash-water. This can go a long way toward preventing city or county citations for the unwitting client. Certified contractors are trained to know the law regarding the above, and to incorporate adherence to said laws into their cleaning procedures and techniques. This is not the kind of above-and-beyond service one will receive from an individual who is not certified. And one would be hard pressed to learn all such corresponding ordinances on one’s own before attempting to pressure wash one’s own business or driveway. Who has time? Just call a certified power washing Chicago professional. It ultimately saves an enormous amount of time and money.