Chicago Commercial Cleaning Services are a Restaurant Owner’s Best Friend

Let’s face it, you may employ the best restaurant staff in the world, and they go the extra mile to take care of and help maintain their place of employment. However, great employees can only do so much, and there’s only so much time to be dedicated to deep cleaning.  A clean atmosphere is really important to the restaurant industry; nobody likes to eat in a place that looks dirty, or have their food cooked in a filthy kitchen.  It can be the difference in a successful and a failing restaurant.  A pretty and clean exterior is warm and inviting, and when the inside is just as clean, if not cleaner, it is a winning combination.

Exhaust and Vent Hood Upkeep from Chicago Commercial Cleaning Services

Think about this. If your restaurant’s vent hoods, exhaust systems, floors, fans, sidewalks and drains are in real need of a good pressure washing–and you have a wonderful, loyal, hard-working staff–this is a good thing. It means your restaurant is booming. You need to make sure it stays booming, and can pass inspections.  In order to pass inspections, they need to be impeccably clean.  Sure, you can try and convince your staff to work overtime and scrub every square inch with a toothbrush so it will pass, or hire a professional Chicago commercial cleaning services company for pressure washing, one that has experience in this area and can take care of it for you faster than you could have done it, and for a much more affordable price.

Professional pressure washers can work around your successful restaurant schedule and keep your equipment looking like new and ready to pass any National Fire Protection Association or OSHA inspection. For an extra busy establishment, once per month pressure washing of floors and grease traps, quarterly rust removal and venting systems blow out, and seasonal parking area and facade cleanings is not out of the ordinary. Yes, your employees can do a great job of spot and area general cleaning and maintenance, but sometimes you need a professional to fully restore your restaurant’s vital areas.

Power Washing Chicago Commercial Cleaning Services

Pressure washing professionals that work for Chicago commercial cleaning services are quick, know the laws for restaurants in your state and usually can get any job done within a couple of days. Professional power washing companies that really care about their clients will be fully outfitted with washers that are water efficient and do not make more of a mess than they are removing. Just keep in mind, the best pros will have a truckload of modern, sleek, powerful equipment and a rack-full of “hand-powered” brooms and other cleaning devices. The best pressure washers will take the time to detail your restaurant cleaning job.

On a practical note–if you love your restaurant, why not protect it? Fires in places that use oils, grease and paper products are like tinder-dry grass fields. Without regular power washing and a professional power washing company, you might as well expect a fire to happen. Just find the right power washing pro. Restaurant patrons appreciate a clean facility and they can sense when corners are being cut. Good experienced washers know how to help you show off your restaurant and keep it booming forever!