Commercial Building Graffiti Removal

Owning a managing a commercial property can be a difficult business. There are challenges with keeping the building maintained and looking beautiful. The businesses that rent out the commercial space need to have confidence in the building managers and owners that they will keep it looking good and in good condition. If the building looks great, they will not mind paying the rent and keeping the building looking nice because clientele will want to do business there.

One of the challenges that commercial properties can run into is vandalism. Many times vandalism is not maliciously directed and it is just kids spray painting in the dark of night for fun. Though these kids do not realize it, it can cause major implications for building owners. Anyone that pays rent to run their business out of a commercial building will be immediately unsatisfied with the vandalism on the outside of the building. Vandalism and graffiti carries a negative connotation for many people. They will feel immediately as if they are getting cheated to have to pay the full rent to run their business out of a vandalized building.

This is why it is important for all commercial building owners and commercial building managers to have a professional graffiti removal chicago number on hand. Vandalism can happen over night and it is imperative that graffiti is removed within hours of being spotted. The quicker the graffiti removal chicago can get to the site to remove it, the better. Typically, graffiti removal professionals have a staff on call to tackle these problems in emergencies. They can be counted on to come to the site and remove the graffiti on a moment’s notice.

Non professional should definitely not try to remove the graffiti on their own. Most graffiti removal professionals have a specialized solution on hand that can break down spray paint. This is not the only methodology they use. They also have pressure washing hoses that can send a stream of pressurized water to the graffiti to blast away the paint.

Graffiti removal should never be attempted by a non professional because someone without professional knowledge can actually make the problem worse by only partially dissolving the paint leaving a dark smear, or by using a solution that will actually permanently set in the paint instead of getting rid of it.

Some people have also tried painting over graffiti which leaves a mismatched paint patch on the wall that can be just as ugly as the graffiti. It is better to call a professional so they can handle the situation rather than try to solve the graffiti problem without a professional because this can actually cause a stain that is harder to remove and more visually disconcerting than the original vandalism.