DIY Pressure Washing Disasters

Many houses and homeowners each year suffer from damages from a DIY pressure washing project. For this reason, it is important that the industry identifies all of the reasons that make it necessary to hire a professional for projects such as these. DIY pressure washing projects are costing homeowners too much money to let the issue slide. So, the list below shows many of the ways that a do-it-yourself pressure washing project can awry.

Firstly, the most common mistake is applying too much or too little pressure. Consumers often have a hard time getting their hands on an industrial grade pressure washer which is a good thing because they are even stronger than the consumer grade. However, consumer-grade pressure washers are still incredibly powerful. Depending on the surface receiving the cleaning, the pressure needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure no damage happens to that surface. For instance, too much pressure on the siding of your house can cause the paint to chip or peel off; this leaves your house looking messy and old, and it will require you to get a new coat of paint soon.

Secondly, the opposite can happen. Many homeowners know that using too much pressure can harm the surface they are washing, so they end up using too little pressure. Over time, this can also damage the surface because it is never getting spotless; this can cause bacteria, dirt, debris, and other mildew to build up over time and cause the surface to deteriorate.

Many homeowners also only load their pressure washers with water, but this isn’t always the best way to wash. Instead, it is best to add a cleaning solution in with the water. However, you have to know the right amount of water and solution to mix because too much or too little solution can hurt your ability to wash thoroughly.

Lastly, a very easily overlooked method for pressure washing is the top-down approach. Most homeowners just begin cleaning with whatever is immediately in front of them., but that is simply not the best way. It is always best to start from the very top of your house and work your way down so that you do not knock any dirt or debris from the upper part of your house and lands on a lower part of your house which you can clean later as you work your way down!

So, instead of wasting your time and money, call a professional pressure washing company today to find out how you can have your house sparkling in no time!