Industrial Cleaning Chicago PWS Green Initiative

So you’ve decided to hire a professional industrial cleaning Chicago pressure washing company to get rid of years of oil and dirt off of your building, driveway or patio, but now what? There are so many concerns for the environment today, and keeping our water systems clean is one of the biggest problems we face.


The last thing we want is a beautifully cleaned surface just to have all of the dirt and oil spilled into our oceans and water ways. To prevent this from happening, ask the industrial cleaning Chicago pressure washing company what their procedure is for disposing of this waste water. Some companies have new types of filtration systems in place to remove any particles and oils before releasing the cleansed water back into nature on site, while others use tanks that can transport it back to a main facility where all this can take place.


Industrial Cleaning Chicago Machinery


There are many different types of pressure washing systems available, depending on what company you choose. Some of them use industrial size and industrial strength ones, which are ideal when you are going to clean a very large surface, such as a parking lot or façade of a building. While this can be completed using a smaller unit, the results may not be as good and it will take an astounding amount of time. Even still, it may take one or two treatments to get the result you are looking for based on what has caused the dirt and how long it has been since its last cleaning.


Smaller units are ideal for small patios and driveways, as well as sidewalks and more delicate areas that require a smaller water stream. A professional industrial cleaning Chicago pressure washing company such as Pressure Washing Systems (PWS) has all sorts of different types and sizes of machinery available which allows them to handle a large variety of different jobs and areas to be cleaned. In order for the technicians to come properly prepared for whatever job it is you are having them perform; make sure you give as much information as possible to the representative booking the job.


Employee Training


Professional pressure washing companies generally won’t send just anyone out to take care of the job. Normally they must first undergo extensive training and shadow an experienced representative for on-the-job experience. Some facilities have even developed training areas on site where they can allow employees to test their skills and knowledge of the field without risking any damage to a client’s home and property.


All employees are also trained in customer service as well, so you know that they will be extremely professional and respectful on and off the job. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of pressure washing companies, so if you ever have a problem with any employee, or would like to commend a job well done, be sure to contact Pressure Washing Systems directly so that any action necessary can be taken within a timely manner.