Making Your Store More Inviting, Exterior Pressure Washing with Chicago Commercial Cleaning

When the exterior of a store is clean, it is more appealing to customers. This means that customers are more likely to enter a business that looks clean and presentable. A high percentage of customers will make a purchase decision once they have entered a store.  A clean building can really make a difference between a very profitable store and one that is barely hanging on.

Buildings get dirty over time.  There’s not really anything that can be done to prevent them from collecting dirt, but you can do something about it once it happens.  Hiring a Chicago commercial cleaning and pressure washing company that specializes in business exteriors can make a huge difference not only in the outward appearance of your buildings, but in how long they will last.

Chicago Commercial Cleaning

The exterior of a building may have unknown hazards for customers. Slippery residue that runs down a building can create a slip hazard that may lead to a lawsuit. Mold and mildew has the potential to go from the exterior to the inside, potentially causing health problems.  Washing away this residue from the store is a cost effective way to protect your business.  It should be done several times a year, particularly during the warmer months, in order to keep it well maintained and to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Removing dirt and other material is a good way to brighten up your building. Sunlight is able to reflect in a window or from a shiny surface that will increase the inside light. More light that can get inside of your store creates an upbeat and pleasant atmosphere.  Customers are more likely to go into a store that is visually appealing, even if it is not something they were originally interested in.

Power Washing Chicago Commercial Cleaning

The process of power washing is friendly to the environment as harsh chemicals and cleaners are not normally used for this process. This is because the force of the water from a power washer is strong enough to get take off most surface dirt. The use of water alone means that soaps and cleaners are not being washed away in a storm sewer.

Power washing the exterior of your store is done in a shorter amount of time compared to other types of manual cleaning methods. A professional power washing service is able to complete the job when it’s convenient for you and your customers like after hours during the week, or in the early morning.  This means that you won’t have to adjust your store’s hours at all.  The only resource that is required for you to provide is a supply of water.  Chicago commercial cleaning is an expense that you really should consider for your business.  It doesn’t take up any of you or your employee’s time to complete and you won’t have to over exert yourself by completing this task.  Clean the outside of a building by hand can be a very physical job, and not everyone is physically capable of completing it.  Even after all of that hard work is done, it is unlikely that you would be able to do as good of a job by yourself.