Pressure Washer, Decks and Curb Appeal

Warm weather can bring on a lot of projects that have been hiding away for some time. Having a pressure washer is a fantastic tool to use when it’s time to tidy up the sealing deck. Pressure washers are fast, reliable and very effective.

Cold water pressure washing allows one to keep the cost down, as opposed to using pressure washers that are operating through steam. Windows, however, should not be treated with pressure washers, as the force of the pressure washer could cause cracks, damage or even breakage of the window. It’s essential to use products that are mindful of the environment, as some of the pressure washing fluid may end up in the grass or other surrounding flora and fauna.

It’s important to observe what areas took the most seasonal damage and dirt over the colder parts of the year. The areas where cars rest at and even the walkway can be quite dirty. They may have salt deposits, dirt accumulation, and even bits of gravel that has become unhinged from your vehicle. Using a tool known as a surface cleaner could come to the rescue to deliver a very even surface free of streaks. This is especially effective in areas that are larger in size.

A home may begin to accumulate algae-like material, moss or fungus along the sides. This can cause an unattractive, weathered look to the home. Residential pressure washing these areas is recommended. It is also recommended that when pressure cleaning the house, a tip that has a broader width be used. The tip should be broader than what was used for the original drive way area.

Original decks can also be quite disastrous after the snow, sleet, and ice has thawed out. The best recommendation is to power wash the entire deck to prep it for spring and summer use. When one is out barbequing and trying to enjoy the family pool, the last thing that needs to be a concern is the griminess and stickiness and overall uncleanliness of the deck in question.

Another significant area that may be overlooked is actually the inside of the garage area. The best way to power wash garages is to have the cars removed by parking into the drive way. Storage boxes and materials should be cleared out of the way as well to avoid getting damaged or wet. The floor space should be entirely empty. One may notice such debris such as car oil, gravel, grease, sand, and even mud. Dirtiness from the tires can become almost ingrained garage floor’s texture if not properly cleaned up after an appropriate time. The best tip to use to power wash the garage is a tip that is angled in nature. A wide, soft tip attached to the power washer is sufficient to clean the cars off after cleaning the garage floor.

If one hates to clean, it’s easy to research power washing companies in the immediate area, and it also should be relatively easy to compare prices. Some companies have online pricing tools, and other require a call to obtain a quote. Cleaning the deck and driveway is a great and immediate way to enhance a home’s curb appeal.