Pressure Washing Chicago Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes become dirty and full of grime over time and you need to pressure wash the apartment when it becomes too dirty. The pressure washing Chicago professionals who do the actual job are well trained and certified for the job. Their first job is to check the extent to which cleaning is necessary. Using water alone to pressure wash may not be sufficient. A pressure washer may decide to use special chemicals to wash away the stains. Oil stains are not easy to wash away and detergents may be needed to wash away the oil. Pressure washing with hot water is ideal for washing away oil stains.

Pressure washing Chicago apartments involves risks and high velocity water can cause serious injuries. A pressure washer will warn you of these dangers and inform you about the importance of keeping your distance while the cleaning is going on. The intense jet of water can peel away dirt and grime. However, it can also peel away flesh from an exposed arm. Hence, safety is a necessity.

The Process of Pressure Washing Chicago Apartments

The pressure washer will start right at the top. The roof is the best place to start the washing process. A pressure hose is attached to a trigger gun. A nozzle is then attached to the trigger gun. The workers will attach the pressure hose to a pressure pump. They will often look for a garden hose spigot so that water can be fed into the pump. Sometimes they may have their own water tank. The choice of nozzle is important. A small thin nozzle is not good enough for pressure cleaning the roof. Often a large nozzle with a triangular stream of water is used to clean the roof.

Since the cleaning is done outdoors, these workers will have their own equipment for scaling walls and roofs. A worker may choose a gasoline driven high-pressure pump or an electric pump. With a gasoline pump, the crew is able to work more freely. Cleaning the walls is different from cleaning the glass on the windows and doors. That would require a lower level of power on the stream of water. The particles of water and dirt can fly at great velocities and can even shatter glass. Hence, a worker will make certain that he does not use the same power for both surfaces. The powerful of water can often damage the walls if the strength of the water stream is not adjusted.

Pressure Washing Chicago Apartments with Ladders

The apartment complex will notify all of their residents in advance of the pressure washing that will be going on.  The primary reason for this is to remove any furniture or items that are on porches so that these areas can be cleaned as well.  Pressure washing companies will use ladders to reach high places, and also use these to gain access to your porches to better clean the floors and tiny crevices that cannot be reached safely from the ladder.  Large jobs may take several days to complete, but the end result will have the entire area sparkling clean.