Pressure Washing is the Most Important Home Maintenance Project

What, to you, is the most important home maintenance job? Is it getting your carpet cleaned? Maybe, you feel that a fresh coat of paint really spruces up your home. While these are interior maintenance jobs, and very important, there is one maintenance job that many homeowners often look past for too many years in a row. It is an affordable, exterior project. It’s pressure washing! Pressure washing is such an important part of maintaining a home for so many reasons.

The first thing your neighbors, family members, or potential buyers see is the outside of your house. This means that curb appeal is essential! A grubby, worn-down house is a never a good sight to see. If you have an HOA, they might not be happy with you either. Pressure washing in Chicago is such a simple and affordable way to really make your home look new,.. It can even look like you’ve gotten a fresh coat of exterior paint, even though it is a fourth of the cost!

Pressure washing is also the number one way to preserve your current paint. Paint withers away over a period of time as it is exposed to dirt, dust, pollen, and mildew. Pressure washing can get rid of these three culprits and extend the life of your paint. Mildew, specifically, deteriorates paint at an alarming rate. Mildew typically grows where your house doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight. This can be a few corners or an entire side of your house. Either way, it looks terrible and is eating away at your paint. This is never a good situation to be in. It is recommended to check your house 2-5 times a year and keep an eye on any mildew growth. If it starts to turn a patch of your paint green and look very unsightly, it’s time to call in professional pressure washing companies that can pressure wash your home with a solution that will prevent the regrowth of mildew. Most companies use it anyways, but make sure to ask, just in case! You need to ensure your house is getting this added protection each pressure wash you have!

Pressure washing your front porch and driveway will add even more curb appeal, and enhance the beauty of your home. Call a professional pressure washing service today to give you a quote on pressure washing your home! It is the most important home maintenance project out there because it appeals to those who live inside and outside your house, all while saving you money and stress!