Prevent Mildew and Rot With Pressure Washing

Every year or two most buildings need a thorough pressure washing to remove dust, pollution, bird droppings, mold, and airborne toxins. Although some homeowners decide to pressure wash their own homes, they do not always have the right equipment or know which techniques to use. To get the best results in cleaning the outside of your home, get a free estimate from a pressure washing Chicago company.

Total structure access Power washing experts have industry equipment that provides safe and competent access to the entire exterior of your home. Areas around the chimney, the overall roof, second- and third-story levels, windows, and the rest of the structure can be efficiently cleaned to restore the home’s original fresh look and attractive appearance.

Powerful but safe cleaning products

In working with a professional pressure washing Chicago company, homeowners should check to ensure that safe but effective cleaning products are used. Scrub water mixed with soap that drips to the ground should not pose an environmental threat or a toxic substance problem for pets or children. The soap should be safe on whatever materials the home is made of and not cause stains or fade in strong sunlight or harsh weather.

Effective power washing equipment

A commendable power washing company will use industry-recommended equipment like scaffolding, ladders, and brushes, to scrub the building safely and thoroughly. The technicians should be insured and bonded and have received adequate training for the power washing skills that are needed.

Prompt, courteous service

Pressure wash employees should demonstrate courtesy from the first contact requesting an estimate to the technicians’ final clean-up of supplies, equipment, and debris. The estimate should be clearly explained and be printed in readable form. The final bill should closely match the estimate except for approved changes by the homeowner. Clean-up after the job is done should remove all residual products and leave the outdoor area neat and clean.

Getting your home pressure washed helps to preserve its value and maintain a neat appearance that residents and visitors will appreciate. It is important to find a responsible power washing company with experience in this line of work that you can trust.