Spring Cleaning the Easy Way with Professional Pressure Washing

After a long and hard Chicago winter the odds are the entire outside of you property needs thorough spring cleaning. Drives, walkways, patios and decks, as well as building roofs and siding, have all accumulated a good coating of dirt and debris from the windy winter weather.


Traditional methods of spring cleaning large areas, like driveways, generally involve scrubbing and scouring with soap and brushes, and sometimes even toxic chemicals that don’t deliver on promises. An easier and more efficient way to clean the grime off surfaces is with pressure.


Pressures washers are highly efficient at cleaning because high-pressure water jets generate forces up to 3000 psi, or pounds per square inch, hitting the dirt with such great force it knocks the particles off the surface as if the dirt is being hit by tiny hammers. With so much force pressure washers make short work of cleaning everything from sideways to barbecue grills. However, caution is warranted when using pressure washers.


Pressure washing is not a simple as just running a high-pressure wand around your property. Without the appropriate training not only will you not get a proper cleaning, you could actually end up damaging siding, shingles and wood. Therefore, for the best and most professional results you should consider employing the services of a professional Chicago pressure washer.


Having a professional power washer clean your property is both cost effective and a time saver. While many people think they can do the job themselves, a professional pressure washer will be able to get the job done in less time than would be required to do the job yourself.


Unlike a weekend handyman, a professional power washer will have the right tools and experience to do the job safely and efficiently, and are able to get the job done without any hiccups. One of the most important skills when using a power washer is knowing exactly how much pressure can be safely applied to different types of materials. For example, a composite deck can safely withstand pressures that would gouge a wooden deck and vinyl siding will be cracked by pressures that are safe for wooden siding.


Power washing also requires using the proper angle on the wand. If the high-pressure spray gets under roof shingles the pressure can rip the shingles or even completely tear shingles off the roof. On the other hand, using too little pressure is just a waste of time and money, as the surface will not be completely cleaned.


In Chicago, certified power washing companies work to ensure environmental damages are minimized. Professional power washers must be current on the regulations that are set up to protect the environment concerning use and disposal of power-washing detergents as well as controlling waste-water runoff.


Most of all, hiring a professional Chicago pressure washer will deliver much-needed peace of mind. Having a contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured will keep you from getting a big repair bill or insurance claim should something unforetold happen. Additionally, many insurance policies won’t cover damage caused by homeowners to their own property.