The Dangers of Unprofessional Pressure Washing

Pressure washing seems like a typical home maintenance job that anyone can handle. It can be, if you are trained in the right way to use it as well as all of the safety precautions, you must take to use one properly. However, pressure washing is still a job that is better left to the professionals. While pressure washing can be a tricky task, it can also be a dangerous one.

In St. Peters, MO, a little boy aged 4 got a hold of a pressure washer. His mother had been pressure washing the house and stepped inside to check on her children, where she believed they were playing. Instead, she heard a scream outside and went to go check on the matter. Two little boys had found the pressure washer and, thinking that it was similar to a garden hose, tried to take a drink from the device. The young boy’s oropharynx was bleeding and in pain. This lead to more complications and the child ended up staying the pediatric ICU. He then was transferred to ENT floor service for another four days while taking multiple medicines.

As you can see, pressure washers can be a threat without proper attention and care. You might be thinking that you aren’t a four year old boy, and you would never do such a thing. However, in 2014 alone, 6,057 people were admitted to the emergency room because of pressure washers. Consumer reports even announced a safety warning for pressure washers. Some settings make pressure washers so powerful that they can slice right through a carrot. Replace that carrot with your arms, fingers, toes, etc. then you’re in for an emergency room visit. Pressure washers can cut right through to bone if you are not careful.

This does not mean pressure washers are evil. However, they are not tools to play with either. Homeowners are always better off hiring a professional company to come complete their pressure washing services. This way, you know that neither your loved ones, nor yourself will be harmed in the process. You can also trust that the machine will always be monitored and therefore it will not come into contact with any children. This is incredibly important for the safety of everyone near a pressure washing system.

So, call a professional pressure washing company today to provide you with a beautifully clean, sparkling home without danger to those who live there. The job we’ll be better done by a professional anyways, so trust them and call today.