When is the Best Time to Pressure Wash your Home

Many homeowners ask themselves when the best time to pressure wash their house, deck, etc. is. The truest answer is honestly just whenever your house or deck or even driveway needs it. When you begin to notice that your house’s curb appeal has gone down is a good time for a pressure wash. When you notice a green tinge on the shadier areas of your house is also a great time. Another perfect opportunity for a good pressure washing in Chicago is whenever you begin to notice discoloration of your driveway, siding, brick, etc.

It is always best, however, to have your house on a pressure washing schedule. This way, your house is always looking its best. In top of that, your house will always be protected against the growth of mold and mildew as well as the deterioration of paint. Now, you may be asking what the best schedule is. That mainly depends on the type of house you own. If you live in an all brick house, then a yearly pressure washing will do. It is recommended to pressure wash after the heavy pollen season has passed. This way, your house can be the cleanest right after it gets the dirtiest. For a house with siding, it is best to stick to a semi-annual schedule. This means twice a year your house should be pressure washed for optimum beauty and protection. So, this means once after the heaviest of the pollen season has ended which is normally late Spring. Then, you will want to call in your pressure washing technician again in the late Fall to give your house another wash before the Winter comes. This way, your siding is protected all year round while still looking its best. Lastly, if you have a log cabin style house then you will want to pressure wash at least semi-annually, if not, quarterly. This, you will really have to gauge yourself by inspecting how your wood looks, how it’s functioning, etc. If you live where your house gets quite a lot of sunshine, then you will most likely need a semi-annual schedule. If your home lives where it gets a lot of shade, then you will probably want to have it washed four times each year.

Keep in mind that all of this is very subjective. If you notice green tinge coming up on your house before your normally scheduled date, then go ahead and call up your pressure washing companies to clean your house. It is only advised to wait until at least the heaviest of the pollen season ends. If you spray right before the pollen season starts, or even in the middle of it, then your house may look tinged and grubby all too soon. So, simply pay attention to the look of your house, set an approximate pressure washing schedule for your home, and the professionals will handle it from there!