Dedicated Partnership Program

Dedicated Partnership Program is designed to aggregate your buying power while providing you and your customers the best overall value. It is an integrated partnership between you, your client, and Pressure Washing Systems Marketing. This program will aid you in developing new business by giving potential clients one more reason to switch their service to you. It also aids in the retention of existing customers by providing a value added service that your competitors will not offer.


  • Builds stronger relationships and bonds with your customers.
  • The more services you offer to your customers, the more your customers will value the services offered by you.
  • Proactive maintenance programs come at a much reduced price compared to emergency service.
  • Owners like their facilities to look clean. Once a complaint is made, the damage has been done. Fixing the problem before it becomes an issue is the key to a happy client.
  • Aggregates your buying power, making you a bigger value to them.
  • Creates a better place to work, live, shop, or eat; which makes for happier employees, customers and visitors.
  • Cleanliness of any facility gives a feeling to the general public that it is a more viable and safe establishment to do business with.



  • Used as an additional profit center.
  • Heightened visibility and image exposure.
  • Better customer retention.
  • It will create more opportunities to close new business.
  • Technical support at your disposal; from phone conferences, to site visits, consultation, and client meetings.
  • We are there to offer you the support and expertise needed to add credibility and close deals.
  • Reduction or elimination of municipal fines.
  • Service in compliance with EPA standards for runoff water eliminates environmental fines.