Emergency Response

Water Containment

The proper removal and disposal of waste water and chemicals generated in the variety of cleaning processes we provide must be handled and disposed of in a specific manner. PWSM has more experience than any other mobile wash company to guide you through this very sensitive process. We will contain and reclaim all run-off waste water, chemicals and provide documentation, manifests, and chain of custody.

Our specially retrofitted and properly licensed trucks will then transport and dispose of the generated waste according to EPA regulations.

Chemical Cleanup

PWSM has helped keep our environment safe by taking quick and effective action to stop spills from reaching sewers, waterways and the general environment. If your company has ever experienced a special waste spill, you know how costly and stressful it can be to deal with these situations and government agencies.  By using state-of-the-art methods to contain and reclaim the polluted water assuring that all EPA and sanitary district guidelines are met.

PWSM will help your company recover from accidents quickly and protect the environment as well as reducing your liability. With vast experience and resources PWSM’ water reclamation and environmental impact policy, we can provide these environmental services in multiple locations simultaneously.


When disaster strikes, whether man made or at the hands of Mother Nature, the affected areas need all the assistance they can get. Having an experienced clean-up team on the scene as soon as possible can help relieve the effects of a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, high winds or other disasters. Our fleet of self-contained trucks allows PWSM to arrive promptly at disaster sites, completely prepared to engage in the clean-up process.

PWSM’s years of experience, professionally trained team, and knowledge about environmental standards allows us to lend a much needed hand in disaster situations. We can mobilize within hours from the catastrophic event and start helping put the pieces back together with our mobile command centers, onsite employee housing units, and our completely self-contained vehicles. The key is to get your business or place of residence back up and running quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your business or lifestyle.


A natural disaster leaves behind a mess that can prevent the affected area from rebounding– economically and psychologically. Our experienced clean-up teams can renew the common spaces of a city or town affected by a natural water disaster by removing debris, collecting contaminated run-off, and renewing the surfaces of roads, sidewalks and buildings. PWSM can provide decontamination and disinfecting services to aid in the prevention of potential health hazards accelerating recovery after a disaster by restoring the area back to its proper appearance.